Power Brushes & Maint Brushes

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Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes  Stem Mounted Brushes
80042 82897

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• Tube Center Brushes and Accessories
• Narrow Face
• Medium Face
• Wide Face
• Bench Brushes
• High Speed/Threaded
• ECAP® Encapsulated Wheels
• Platers Brushes • Keyed and Round Arbor Adapters

Info adicional• Crimped and Encapsulated Wheels
• Mounted Knot Wheel Brushes
• Crimped and Encapsulated Flared Cup Brushes
• Crimped and Encapsulated Wire Mounted Cup Brushes
Point-of-Purchase Power Brushes Miniature Brushes
clamshell 83200
Info adicional• Crimped Wheels
• Knot Wheels
• Crimped & Knot Cups
• COMBITWIST Knot Wheels
• Minigrinder Wheels
• Minigrinder Cups
• Thread Adapters
• End Brushes
• Crimped Mounted Cups

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• Miniature Wheel Brushes
• Miniature Cup Brushes
• Miniature End Brushes

Knot Wheels, Unthreaded Power Tube Internal Cleaning Brushes
81961(2) 83362

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• Standard Twist – Single Row
• Standard Twist – Long Flag
• Standard Twist -Heavy Duty Double Row
• Short Trim Heavy Duty
• Full Cable Twist-Single Row
• Expansion Joint Cleaning Brush
• Pipe Cleaning Brush-Single and Multi-Section

Info adicional• Light Duty SpyraKleen Tube Brushes
• Heavy Duty Tube Brushes
• Encapsulated Tube Brushes
• Valve Guide Brushes
• Rectangular SydKleen Internal Brushes and

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